Wrist Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy, so called ‘keyhole’ surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that allows your hand surgeon the ability to further understand, diagnose and treat your condition all at once. It enables the surgeon to view inside the joint without disrupting the intricate anatomy overlying the wrist. Through viewing portals the joint may be inspected, debrided or cleaned and instabilities revealed by stressing ligaments while under direct vision, all through tiny incisions.

Why a wrist arthroscopy?

The wrist is a complex joint, and the individual movements of the bones and how they contribute to overall wrist movement is as yet incompletely understood and defined. It also has a multitude of small ligaments that are essential to wrist function, and injuries to many of these are difficult to detect, even on MRI.

Arthroscopy is used to diagnose and treat multiple conditions of the wrist, including ganglion cysts, TFCC tears, wrist fractures, other ligament tears or wrist infections and crystalline arthropathies.

How is arthroscopy done?

This may be performed under general or regional (localised block to the arm) anaesthesia, depending both on the complexity of the surgery and the patient preference or condition. Then hand is suspended in finger traps and a small weight laid over the upper arm to assist gravity traction on the wrist. Small incisions over the back of the hand are made to insert the camera and a probe is then inserted under direct vision to assess the joint structures. The necessary procedure/s are carried out and the arthroscope removed. Often the incisions are so small that they only require steristrip application to close. Postop recovery will be discussed prior to the procedure and you will have a plan in place for the coming weeks of rehabilitation.

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