Tumours of the hand and upper limb

Tumours that originate in the upper limb are uncommon and when coming from bone, muscle or fat are termed sarcomas. Metastatic disease or spread of a cancer from elsewhere in the body to the arm is more common and can cause pain and the arm not to function correctly. Occasionally tumours that come from or spread to the bones of the arm can weaken them and cause a fracture.

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer is devastating. Together we must treat the cancer in the best way possible and our focus is always on cure. However if this is not possible, which sadly is sometimes the case, our aim is to remove all pain and give you back as much function as possible to have the best quality of life.

Dr Kruger works very closely with Dr Thomas Hilton, a sub-specialised Orthopaedic Oncology and Limb Reconstruction surgeon at Life Vincent Pallotti hospital. He specializes treating patients with cancer all over the body and giving them the best chance at cure and full use of the affected limb.

The principle in managing these cancers is to remove the cancer completely and then replace the removed bone using latest techniques and cutting-edge technology. Some of these include 3D printed bone and joints that can be custom made for each individual patient. These implants and techniques allow us to solve difficult problems that up until now have not had a solution. Dr Hilton’s team consists of many doctors that help in the treatment of a patient with cancer. Each member is integral in achieving the best curative and functional result, and brings to the team a unique set of skills and knowledge. The team meets regularly to discuss each patient, ensuring you get the best possible outcome.

For further information please visit https://www.drthilton.com

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