The Sportsman/Sportswoman

The sports enthusiast is always extremely determined to return to their sport of choice. An active lifestyle is good for body and mind, and someone used to the endorphin kick from a good outing on the pitch or cycle in the mountains can be very put out with being away from their sport for a period of time. If the individual is a professional sportsperson, their livelihood is often on the line or contractual obligations may dictate that they need to return by a certain date or play a certain number of games to get paid. In competitive sport, playing injured is commonplace and risks livelihood and health. Having played high level sport himself, Dr Kruger understands the demands on players and recognizes the pressure they are under to be available to play.

Sports injuries to the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder are commonplace, and if appropriately and expediently managed, most players can return to their preoperative level of competition or activity. Common sporting injuries that require attentive, specialized care include scaphoid fractures, metacarpal or phalangeal fractures or dislocations, and shoulder or elbow dislocations. Cricket, rugby, golf, hockey, baseball, tennis, weightlifting, waterpolo, swimming… in all these and others the upper limbs are put to the test. Cyclists/mountain bikers are particularly prone to the whole spectrum of injuries mentioned, and commonly also sustain clavicle and distal radius fractures. The primary aim in managing these sporting injuries is to return the patient to their pre-operative level of sport, in the shortest possible time without undue risk to their health, in the simplest manner possible.

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